Saving Money by Washing Your Car Yourself!

I always thought that washing my own car was simple. However, the professionals at the car wash always seemed to be able to get my car that much cleaner. I never knew why previously… but I found that I was washing my car incorrectly! One might think, how the heck can a car be washed incorrectly? It’s quite simple really… using the soap to wash windows, not using different sponges, allowing the soap to dry all over my poor car. Once I started researching the subject I found that I was doing ALOT of things incorrectly! One of the best sources of information that I found on washing, detailing, repairing and product reviews has been They have many great articles available like How to Wash a Car. I have truely found that The Car Care Fanatic seems to be a great one stop resource for all of my car care needs. I love cars, and therefore I want to take care of my car to the best of my abilities! Hope you enjoy my blog!
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